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Friesland was a province in the Netherlands that did not execute a single witch through out the entirety of the trials. Correlating to Brian Levack’s arguments in “State Building and Witch Hunting,” the highly organized and centralized provincial court in Friesland prevented executions. The court system not only held a strong presence, but also seemed to […]

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The Peelland Witch Trials

(From Google Maps) In 1595 in the Dutch province of Peelland, there was a series of witch trials that resulted in 19 recorded executions – all women burned at the stake. The witch panic swept through the three adjacent towns of Mierlo, Asten, and Lierop. The only executions occurred in Mierlo and Lierop: the first […]

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Before the sixteenth century, there was essentially no consensus in the Low countries about the most proper or effective way to conduct witch trials. It was apparent that a normal judicial procedure would not be suitable for the lese majestatis (exceptional crime) of witchcraft, yet municipal authorities were largely undecided or unaware of how to […]

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Dirrick Wonnen and the Nijkerk Bewitchments

In 1549 in Nijkerk, A woman named Dirrick Wonnen was accused of stealing the umbilical chord from a baby to conduct magical “tricks.” A man named Jacob Lange accused her of this crime, and the people of Nijkerk believed that a witch could conduct a crime just by looking at a victim. Dirrick Wonnen’s “crime” […]

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