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maliziar16 :: History 229: The Age of the Witch Hunts

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Szyszynko, Poland

In 1691, the noble Zbierzchowski brothers invited the wojt, or governor of a group of villages, and the jury of the Kleczew court to their village. They wished to hold the trial of Jadwiga Wieczorkowa and another woman who stood accused of bewitching their mother. However, the party deemed there was insufficient evidence and left […]

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Kalisz, Poland

In 1584, at the beginning of the period of Polish witch hunts, Elzbieta of Tyniec, appeared before court under accusations of being an incantatrix or witch. She was a married female servant who was accused of using witchcraft to increase the milk output of her cows. She claimed to have learned from Christian citizens a […]

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Lublin, Poland

In 1631, townswoman pani (or Lady) Michalowa wanted to prepare a ritual bath in herb-infused water to heal her child of consumption. So, she asked pani Deczowaska if she knew of any remedies. Pani Deczowaska advised her to purchase a shilling’s worth of beef from a yearling cow, boil it with herbs, and wash the […]

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Slomniki, Poland

In 1674 the peasant woman, Dorota Pilecka, was accused of witchcraft by Krystyna Danielecka who was being interrogated with torture under the suspicion of witchcraft. Dorota was a peasant woman and the wife of the village cobbler. She stood accused of trading Krysyna some peas and turnips for butter. However, after the exchange, the remaining […]

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