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Case of Maksimko Ivanov

Valeria Kivelson describes one of the most sensational cases of spirit invocation involving a suspect of non-Russian ethnicity, which was one of the largest groups of people accused of witch craft in Russia. “Maksimko Ivanov, for instance, a self-proclaimed healer, was charged with calling demons to tell him ‘what is going on 100 versts away, […]

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Tereshka Malakurov

Tereshka Malakurov was a notable figure in the Lukh trials. He was one of the first to be accused, likely due to his well-known presence in the town as a magical healer. In the interrogation prior to torture, he denied bewitching anyone as well as healing the sick with supernatural power. Upon his first round of […]

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Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga (or Baba Iaga) was a prominent figure in Slavic Folklore. The first image of her is believed to have arisen around 1755 in Mikhail Lomonosov’s Russian Grammar. It is important to note that descriptions of her vary, and her image and nature are ambiguous. Most often she is depicted as an old and […]

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Trial In Lukh

In Russia, accusations of witchcraft were made by petitioning the local town governor, and in the autumn of 1657, the town of Lukh came up with a number of petitions due to the affliction of the townspeople’s wives. They were apparently afflicted with a form of magical bewitchment called klikushestvo, which is translated as “shrieking” […]

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