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Turku Trials

The Turku Trials were part of the second wave of witch trials in Finland. The Turku Academy was Finland’s first university and was founded in 1640. This university became a key part for the importation of European ideas of demonology which led to something that resembled a traditional witch-hunt with a concentration on women, as […]

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Maren Spliid

Maren Spliids is the most notorious alleged witch from Denmark. She was born circa 1600 and was killed November 9, 1641. She lived in Ribe in Jutland where she was married to a successful tailor and ran an inn in one of her husband’s houses. She was accused of witchcraft by Didrik the tailor, a […]

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Copenhagen Articles of 1547

The Copenhagen Articles of 1547 were two clauses that affected the Danish witchcraft trials. The first clause determined that no statement of evidence from a dishonest person, this definition included accused witches and sorcerers, could form the basis of a conviction.[1] This clause meant that the courts could not ask accused witches to name other […]

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Queen Christina of Sweden

 Fig. 1 Queen Christina of Sweden was born in 1626, ruled Sweden from 1644-1654, and died in 1689. She was an excellent politician and kept Sweden from falling into civil war during the Thirty Years War because of class rivalries. Christina was also well educated and cultured which helped contribute the success of her ten […]

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 Fig. 1 Blakulla, the “Blue Hill,” is the place that the Scandinavian countries believed that witches traveled to for their demonic sabbats. It is usually thought to be a mountain in distant countries or an island in the Baltic, and in the early modern period was identified with the island Jungfrun.[1] An early mention of this […]

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